Atlantis Episode and Cast List – BBC America

With the new fantasy-drama series about to begin airing in the US on BBC America, here’s the current known Atlantis episode list guide and key cast members:

Episode List:

1: The Earth Bull

2: A Girl By Any Other Name

3: The Boy Must Die

4: Twist of Fate

5: White Lies

6: The Song of the Sirens

7: The Rules of Engagement

8: The Furies

9: Pandora’s Box

10: The Price of Hope

11: Hunger Pangs

12: Touched by the Gods – Part 1

13: Touched by the Gods – Part 2

In total there will be 13 episodes in season 1 of Atlantis.

Cast List: Who Plays Who?

Jason – Jack Donnelly. Jack was previously best known for playing the role of Jason Winkler in House of Anubis on Nickelodeon.

Hercules – Mark Addy. Mark has also starred in fellow fantasy series in Game of Thrones, as King Robert Baratheon.

Pythagoras – Robert Emms. The name all math students will recognize, Pythagoras actor Robert Emms has appeared in a number of movies including Kick-Ass 2 and War Horse.

The Oracle – Juliet Stevenson. Juliet is well known in the UK as an actress in theatre and television.

Ariadne – Aiysha Hart. This Saudi Arabian/English actress was a relative unknown prior to landing the role of Ariadne in Atlantis.

King Minos – Alexander Siddig. You may recognize Siddig from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, where he played the role of Dr. Julian Bashir.

Pasiphaë – Sarah Parish. Sarah is probably best known for playing Lady Catrina in Merlin.

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