‘Bang Goes The Theory’ Returns to BBC One for a New 2014 Series

BBC One’s exciting yet educational science series Bang Goes The Theory, returns at 7:30pm on Monday, 10 March, 2014.

With 8 brand new episodes, Bang will be tackling scientific topics of the moment and discussing how they effect all our lives.

Here’s what you can look forward to seeing in episode 1 of the new series:

Where are we in our fight against cancer? How will we be able to get to work on our ageing railways, full to capacity and yet population rising? And as we all need to decide whether to allow the NHS to share our medical records, who is really set to benefit from the Big Data Explosion? This series is the definitive guide to the science driving the headlines.

Hosts Liz Bonnin, Jem Stansfield and Maggie Philbin investigate how close the UK could get to running out of electricity. We live in a world where the lights are always on. But will that be the case 20 years from now?

Maggie spends a day at one of Britain’s most secret locations, the control room of the National Grid – whose job it is to make sure the electricity is always available when you want it. Here she discovers how nearly half our generating capacity will disappear in our lifetimes.

Jem shows how and why most of our electricity now relies on gas and reveals a potential fuel of the future: liquid air.

Meanwhile, Liz investigates renewable energy as she visits one of the largest off-shore wind farms in the UK, capable of supplying power to the whole of Leeds.

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