Why does Keith Lemon always wear a bandage on his wrist?

Why does Leigh Francis (aka Keith Lemon) wear a bandage on his right wrist/hand?

ANSWER: Keith Lemon who is a comedy character of the entertainer Leigh Francis, is well known for always wearing a white bandage on his right wrist and hand.

Although Leigh Francis must surely enjoy the speculation and debate over the reasons for it’s presence, the bandage is most likely just a prop. The idea is Keith’s wrist is rather worn out as a result of too much use.

Many people believe he wears it in order to cover up an obscene tattoo which cannot be seen on TV. If this is the case then the bandage probably serves both purposes. If it was worn purely to hide a tattoo then surely Leigh could find a better looking and more fashionable way to cover it.

Keith Lemon is most famous in the UK for hosting the comedy panel show ‘Celebrity Juice’ and his new show ‘Through The Keyhole’. In 2012 he also starred in his own movie ‘Keith Lemon: The Film’ which also starred Kelly Brook.

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