How many episodes in The Messengers season 1? – The CW TV Series

Number of Episodes in Season 1 of The CW 2015 Television Series, The Messengers.

How many episodes of The Messengers will there be?

Premiering at 9/8c on Friday, April 17, 2015 on The CW, the number of episodes in The Messengers season 1 will be 13.

Brand new to The CW, The Messengers is an apocalypse based science fiction drama initially set in the desert of New Mexico. Observed by onlooking scientist Vera Buckley (played by actress Shantel VanSanten), a mysterious object crashes suddenly to Earth, exploding on impact. The resulting shock wave then temporarily causes Vera’s heart to stop beating.

As the story progresses, viewers learn she is not the only person who’s been affected by this mysterious event. Vera immediately becomes connected to a number of strangers, each of whom also collapsed, only to later come back to life. Now each boasting some amazing powers, this collection of strangers could either be responsible for causing the Rapture, or possibly preventing it.

Like the sound of The Messengers storyline but not watched any episodes yet? Well to give you a real taste of what this new 2015 series has to offer, The CW have now released this extended trailer, lasting almost four minutes:

Cast and Characters

Vera Buckley is played by Shantel VanSanten (One Tree Hill, The Final Destination), Joshua Silburn, Jr. is portayed by actor Jon Fletcher (City of Dreams), actress Sofia Black-D’Elia (All My Children, Gossip Girl, Skins) plays Erin Calder, Diogo Morgado (Sol de Inverno) is The Man, JD Pardo (Revolution) plays Raul Garcia, Anna Diop is Rose Arvale and Madison Dellamea stars as Amy Calder.


Season 1 of The Messengers will be a 13-part series airing in America on The CW. The premiere date for episode 1 has been set for April 17, 2015. The series was originally due to be released a week earlier on April 10, however this was later rescheduled to the 17th. At the time of writing this, there’s currently no news on a possible season 2 of The Messengers in 2016.

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